Beere Multi Collet Fixture & Tipshear

 Multi Collet Fixture

The Beere Multi Collet Fixture significantly cuts secondary machining time on small parts that are able to be clamped in 5C, 2J or 3J collets.  

  • Save time with uniform centerline distances and easy hydraulic locking.
  • Achieve higher productivity when gang-machining small parts.  Choose the right size fixture for your optimum needs.  For large jobs, interconnect several fixtures easily to achieve maximum secondary machining production.
  • Simplify machine programming and set-up by utilizing the combination of standard collets and accurate 2" center distances located within .0005" tolerance.  Cut tool changing time by 90%!
  • Available in various configurations including uniform, inline, indexable and 360° rotary.

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Click the link below for details on each model:

Uniform Multi Collet Fixture

10 Uniform 5C Multi Collet Fixture

3J Multi Collet Fixture

In-Line Multi Collet Fixture

Indexable In-Line Multi Collet Fixture

MultiDex 360

Tilt Rotary MultiDex 360


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The patented Tipshear removes burrs from machined parts in seconds.  Even the most inexperienced operators can use the Tipshear, set up is easy and perfect results are achieved every time.

The Tipshear will never jeopardize your safety or that of your co-workers.  The adjustable V-fixture and rotating shear tool eliminate the possibility of accident, as opposed to grinding, milling or sanding.  It is capable of deburring up to 2,400 shafts per hour, and is unparalleled in terms of its deburring performance, safety, simplicity, durability and versatility.

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